How long is an equine Bodywork session?

The initial session involves an evaluation of movement and posture before the bodywork session begins and takes approximately 2 hours. Additional sessions are from 60-90 minutes.

How soon until I will see results?

This depends on the individual horse and many factors such as conformation and how long they have had restrictions. I recommend 3 initial sessions 7-10 days apart to see if Bodywork and MFR will benefit your horse.

How often will my horse need sessions?

After the initial 3 sessions, most working horses would benefit from monthly sessions. Competition horses who are in a more intense program are seen more frequently. Older horses or horses in lighter work usually are seen every 6-8 weeks as part of an overall wellness program.

Do I need to be present for each session?

You will need to be present for the first session to discuss history and goals, assist with movement evaluation and hold your horse to see how he or she responds. Most horses will not need you present and will be happy to stand after the first session if you are not available.

Does my horse need to be clean?

Your horse’s coat needs to be dry and have mud knocked off. Please do not use showsheen on the coat before a session.

Can I ride my horse immediately afterwards?

No, your horse can be ridden before but not after to give time to process the session. I recommend hand walking afterwards for 10-15 minutes and/or turnout.

Why is veterinary referral or approval necessary?

Veterinarian evaluation is necessary for diagnosing conditions and discerning any contraindications for Bodywork to ensure each horse is presently a good candidate for a hands on modality such as massage or Myofascial Release.

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